Second Standard

AGE: 7 To 8 Years

  • Class 2 is a very crucial stage for kids. Standard 2 is their second year in full-fledged studies. Kids undergo a tremendous transition from playful kindergarten into the world of extensive learning. At this time, it is imperative for parents to be a little more attentive to their Standard 2 kids’ learning needs.
  • 2nd class syllabus is quite simple and helps children learn at their own pace. Class 2 work book is one of the best ways to keep the little ones engaged for an extended period. When you engage them in practicing these workbooks, they learn effectively. Class 2nd kids find it fun while they practice workbooks.

What are the subjects in the 2nd Grade Syllabus?

In the CBSE 2nd grade syllabus, kids study subjects like English, Maths, GK, EVS, and other things like Poems and Essays. Given below are the best-in-class resources that we are offering for our young learners:

  1. Essay for Class 2
  2. GK for Class 2
  3. Class 2 English
  4. Class 2 Maths
  5. EVS for Class 2
  6. Poem for Class 2
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